Latest News (12/02/2021)


We are happy to announce that we will be meeting at the BIC Sarriko Church for our Sunday services from now on. The police department of the Basque Government has published a document allowing the exceptional movement of people between “municipios” in the special case where there is not a similar religious service.

Please, if you live outside of the “municipio” of Bilbao, and your “municipio” does not have an English Baptist/Evangelist service, you are eligible to come to the BIC Sarriko Church in person. For any questions, please contact us, or stay tuned to the weekly email, the website calendar events and the WhatsApp groups.

You can find the official police document in the following link:

2021.02.10 Nota sobre Criterios Ertzaintza

You can find more information about upcoming BIC events at

We pray that everyone stays in good health.